Welcome to Bethlehem Diner

Family-owned Diner that has been serving the Lehigh Valley for the last 25+ years Family run business serving the Lehigh Valley for the last 25+ years. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with various daily specials.



Dimitrios D.
The Bethlehem Diner is a classic diner serving old-school favorites. It was my grandparents' favorite! It's a typical Greek-run highway diner in...
sarah beahn
me and my husband and my mother n law always came here for breakfast great food great service husband passed 1 year and 4 months ago but i will continue to come here in honor of him keep the memories alive
Marissa Miller
Quick and friendly service (I wish I remembered my servers name so I could give her a shout out.) Lived in Jersey my whole life, never thought I'd take a diner for granted. Moved down south 3 years ago the food here is great just not like home. Had to come up north for a family...

Monday - Sunday
  • 6:00AM - 10:00PM